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The Sapient Story

From the road, with love.

It was 2013, somewhere in central Asia...

Ben was riding and pushing an overloaded touring bike along the Pamir highway. You meet all kinds of travelers on a bike, and Ben noticed that they tended to fall into 2 camps - he thought of them as dirtbags and racers. Cyclists either wore vagabond-y old t-shirts, or decked themselves out in flashy lycra - neither of which seemed ideal for bike travel in remote areas.

Surely there was a middle ground? A more casual style combined technical performance?

The trip ended, but the idea percolated. Working for a major bike retailer back in Australia, he realized that there was an audience for such a design philosophy - an idea which has evolved into the road and gravel jerseys you see today.

And thus the hard work began. Designs and materials tested, rejected and iterated until we arrived at the collection you see here. We're proud of what we've achieved and we know you'll love the gear as much as we do.

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