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Game Changing Gravel Kit

The new Dirt Shirt from Sapient Cyclewear

What is it?

Well it's a shirt. For the dirt. Or the gravel, or even the road... Wherever you like really. The Dirt Shirt takes our high performance technical fabric and repacks it into a casual T-Shirt style top.

Who's it for?
We designed the Dirt Shirt with gravel riders and bikepackers in mind, but it works just as well for road touring, trail riding or anywhere else where you want a less fitted get-up.

Why is it awesome?
Well, let's see...
  • Our technical Hi-Flow fabric provides exceptional cooling and moisture control in all conditions.
  • The cut is fitted enough to let the fabric work, but loose enough to not look like a power ranger suit.
  • The back is exxtra long. Since we couldn't use grippers, the extra length prevents it from 'riding up' when you're mashing it.

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