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Fabric Tech

jersey fabric

All of our jerseys make extensive use of modern synthetic fabrics for their excellent moisture wicking properties and ability to keep you comfortable and operating at your best.

Synthetics such as Polyester are far less absorbent than traditional fabrics like Cotton. Using this important property of synthetics, the fabric is constructed with tiny conduits which draw the moisture (sweat) off the skin, towards the outer layer of the jersey. Unable to absorb into the material, the moisture is evaporated away as air moves over the surface layer.

We design our jerseys using different forms of synthetic material, depending on the intended usage.

Hi-Flow Mesh

Our performance-line jerseys feature our highly effective wicking mesh fabric. Moisture is efficiently drawn away from the skin and transported to the outer fabric layer where it evaporates, leaving you cool, dry and exceptionally comfortable in any conditions.

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Comfort Stretch

Featured in our Club series jerseys, this is a mid-weight fabric which uses a closer weave, giving excellent abrasion resistance and longevity. Suitable for all conditions, this fabric is particularly well suited to the milder conditions.

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